Ambatovy Delivered a Civil Protection Unit to the Atsinanana Region

Posted on June 13, 2016

Civil Protection Unit in Toamasina

Ambatovy delivered a Civil Protection Unit to the Atsinanana Region on June 3, 2016. Located in Barikadimy, Toamasina, the Civil Protection Unit was set up in order to address various technological risks and natural disasters in the region.
Funded by Ambatovy’s Social Investment Fund, with an amount of around a million dollars, the Civil Protection Unit in Toamasina includes six buildings. The infrastructure’s construction was accompanied by its furnishings along with various training materials, necessary intervention equipment, as well as seven vehicles that will enable rapid intervention in case of disaster.
“Without being a substitute for the State, Ambatovy is a leading economic player that wishes to contribute to local development. And through this, despite the difficulties that the company is going through due to the decline in nickel prices on the international market, we are bringing our contribution,” emphasized Ambatovy’s President, Tim Dobson.
Since the city of Toamasina is exposed to many climatic risks, such as cyclones and floods causing various epidemics, as well as risks related to the existence of different industries in the locality, this Civil Protection Unit was set up following consultations between the Government, local authorities, and Ambatovy.
As a reminder, Ambatovy set up a Social Investment Fund worth USD 25 million in 2012 to finance social and infrastructure projects in the company’s host regions. The projects are selected in consultation with the regional authorities and the Government of Madagascar in order to contribute to the social and economic development of the populations in these regions. 17 projects were identified and are being funded by the Social Investment Fund, including the renovation of the Bazary Be in Toamasina, and that of the workshop of the Technical High School in Toamasina; the provision of two power generators for JIRAMA in Toamasina to improve electricity supply in the city, the granting of two fire trucks for the fire brigade in the Urban Municipality of Toamasina; the construction of community markets in Brickaville, as well as other projects in Moramanga and Ambatondrazaka.

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