Ambatovy Takes Care of Orchids, Madagascar’s Emblematic Plants

Oeceoclades pulchra

25% of orchid species, specifically 252 out of the 1,000 species identified in Madagascar, are found in the area where Ambatovy’s Mine is located. Given this biodiversity wealth in the region, Ambatovy has implemented a Biodiversity Management Program, including a specific Flora Management Plan which is, among others, focused on orchids. Two parks, Vodibasy and Ankenjana, located in Ambatovy’s conservation area were set up to accommodate salvaged orchid individuals prior to clearing works for the mining operation needs. There are currently 4,566 individuals in the Ankenjana Park, while that of Vodibasy hosts 2,023 individuals. Orchid plants are subject to daily ecological monitoring. An acclimatization site, consisting of two orchidariums, was also set up in 2010 to host orchids during a year before their transfer to the parks.

This orchid salvage and conservation program significantly contributes to scientific research on orchids in Madagascar. Indeed, orchids are photographed and flower and leaf samples are collected and sent to laboratories based in Madagascar and abroad in order to identify their scientific names. In 2015, four new species were identified by scientists in Ambatovy.

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