Signing of the Agreement between Ambatovy and Conservation International for the protection of the Ankerana forest massif

Louis ROLAND-GOSSELIN, Vice President, Sustainability, Ambatovy and RAJAOBELINA LĂ©on, Regional Vice-President of Conservation International

On Friday, September 25, 2015, Ambatovy and Conservation International signed an agreement for the protection of the Ankerana forest massif, located in the Ankeniheny-Zahamena Corridor.

The management of the protected area in the Ankeniheny-Zahamena Corridor (CAZ) has been delegated to Conservation International by the Ministry of Environment, Ecology, Sea and Forestry since December 14, 2011. The protection of the Ankerana massif will be embedded in the protected area’s management’s framework.

The agreement covers the financial support that Ambatovy will bring for the massif, for a renewable five-year period, especially in terms of scientific studies and monitoring, conservation activities, support for the rational use of forests, the creation of income generating activities, and the promotion of environmental education.

In accordance with its Environmental Management and Social Development Plan, or (PGEDS), which was designed according to regulatory requirements at the national and international level, Ambatovy has implemented environmental compensation programs and is committed to supporting forest conservation equal to nine times the mine area that it is operating. Ambatovy’s Environmental Management Program is characterized by the mitigation hierarchy process (avoidance of impacts, minimization, restoration, and compensation) and aims at creating no net loss but preferably a net gain in biodiversity. In addition to the activities in the Ankerana site, within the CAZ, Ambatovy also supports the conservation of the Torotorofotsy site in the District of Moramanga.