Signing of the agreement between Ambatovy and Asity for the protection of the new protected Area in Torotorofotsy

Louis Roland-Gosselin, Vice President, Sustainability, Ambatovy and Raminoarisoa V, National Coordinator of Asity Madagascar

As part of the protection of the New Protected Area in Torotorofotsy, located in the District of Moramanga, a collaboration agreement was signed on September 18, 2015, at the Immeuble Tranofitaratra, Ankorondrano, between Ambatovy and Asity, a non-profit organization working in environmental conservation and protection in Madagascar, and which is currently managing this Ramsar site.

The agreement covers financial and technical support from Ambatovy to Asity Madagascar for a renewable five-year term, and includes the activities that will help achieve Ambatovy’s offset objectives, which primarily ensure no net loss in biodiversity, and possibly, a net gain. These activities include, among others, the preparation of documents relating to the decree of the definitive protection of the New Protected Area, scientific studies and monitoring, support for the rational use of forests, the creation of income generating activities, the promotion of environmental education, and finally, the communication and publication of results.

Torotorofotsy is a Ramsar site which has been identified as a wetland of international importance. It specifically contains water bird habitats and has been classified among protected sites since 2010. It is a preserved area that is the closest to the Mine, the watersheds of which overlap with Ambatovy’s conservation areas.

In accordance with its Environmental Management and Social Development Plan, or (PGEDS), which was designed according to regulatory requirements at the national and international level, Ambatovy has implemented environmental compensation programs in its sites. Ambatovy’s Environmental Management Program is characterized by the mitigation hierarchy process (avoidance of impacts, minimization, restoration, and compensation).