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Ambatovy Contributes to the Fight against Measles in Toamasina Ambatovy donated medications and medication kits (syringes, catheters, and infusion kits) to the health authorities … [more...]

Now Available: Ambatovy’s Eighth Annual Sustainability Report
We are pleased to announce that Ambatovy‚Äôs eighth annual Sustainability Report … [more...]

Environmental Protection: Ambatovy Participated in the 27th Meeting of the International Primatological Society
To present the results of its efforts in lemur conservation between 2008 and 2017, Ambatovy participated in the 27th edition of the International Primatological Society… [more...]

Agricultural cooperatives along Ambatovy’s Pipeline are participating in the 2018 FIER-Mada
FIER Mada, the fair for Madagascar‚Äôs rural society, is on its 20th edition this year. It is taking place… [more...]

Ambatovy Celebrates World Environment Day.
On June 19, Ambatovy celebrated World Environment Day, with the theme ‚ÄúBeating Plastic Pollution,‚ÄĚ at our Mine….. [more...]

Ambatovy Provides Emergency Support to the City of Toamasina Following the Passage of Cyclone Ava.
Following the requests of local authorities, Ambatovy supported the community in addressing the emergency in the city of Toamasina. Starting Saturday, January 6, the company…. [more...]

Meller’s Duck Finds a Home at Ambatovy.
Meller‚Äôs duck, or Anas melleri, is an endangered species of duck endemic to eastern Madagascar that is on the verge of extinction due to deforestation…. [more...]

Ambatovy Received the Visit of the Technical Assessment Committee.
As part of the monitoring and periodic assessment of the implementation of the company‚Äôs Environmental Management and Social Development Plan (PGEDS)…. [more...]

Ambatovy Donates a Large and Modern Market to the Population of Moramanga.
Moramanga, November 23, 2017.The new municipal market of Moramanga, one of the country‚Äôs largest markets…. [more...]

Ambatovy Reconstructed Two Buildings for the District of Moramanga.
Ambatovy officially handed over two reconstructed buildings to the District of Moramanga on November 3, 2017…. [more...]

Ambatovy Supports the Fight against Plague in Toamasina.
Following the requests made by the local authorities and the United Nations System agencies, mainly WHO and UNICEF, Ambatovy donated, on October 12, 2017, a fourth round of equipment and materials to support the fight against… [more...]

Ambatovy Supports the Regional Committee for Industrial Risk Management in Alaotra Mangoro.
Being a large and local company that works in accordance with the international standards, Ambatovy pays special attention to the conservation and management of industrial risks. As such, Ambatovy provided financial and logistic support for a training workshop… [more...]

Environmental Protection: Base Communities Rewarded by Ambatovy.
Ambatovy rewarded the base communities (COBA) AAM of Ambohimanarivo and the Ezaka sy Fandrosoana of Ambohitranivo, which were among the best during the COBA competition organized in collaboration with the District Office of Water and Forest (CIREF) in Moramanga. [more...]

Now Available: Ambatovy’s Seventh Annual Sustainability Report.
We are pleased to announce that Ambatovy’s seventh annual Sustainability Report is now available on our website.The report provides information on our sustainability performance during 2016 and focuses on key areas of interest for Ambatovy’s stakeholders. [more...]

Ambatovy Supports the Strengthening of Road Safety in Ambatondrazaka.
Given that the health and safety of the communities in the areas where it operates is one of its top priorities, Ambatovy supports the strengthening of road safety in the city of Ambatondrazaka … [more...]

Renewal of the Partnership between Ambatovy and the Cultural and Social Center of Toamasina.
As a company committed to contributing to sustainable development in its host regions, Ambatovy has launched a partnership with the Toamasina Cultural and Social Center … [more...]

Environmental Protection: Ambatovy Uses Remote Sensing Technology.
Determining the deforestation rate and measuring the efficiency of its conservation activities thanks to satellite imagery. To do so, Ambatovy uses remote sensing technology. A validation workshop … [more...]

Rehabilitation of the Market in Brickaville Financed by Ambatovy: 65,000 working hours without incident.
A new market with a total area of 4,000m¬≤, 2,000m¬≤ of which is covered with metal structures and can hold about 360 sellers, is currently in construction in Brickaville thanks to the financing of Ambatovy … [more...]

Ambatovy Supports the Development of the Poultry Industry in the Atsinanana Region.
4,000 young chickens were distributed on May 31st, 2017, as part of a pilot project in support of the broiler farming income generating activity (IGA), which is intended for 40 households … [more...]

Ambatovy is implementing its Environmental Management System (AEMS).
Following the Ambatovy Biodiversity Management System which has been a complete success since its implementation in 2014, Ambatovy developed … [more...]

Substantial Harvest for the Rice Growers in Ambolomaro with Ambatovy’s Support.
As part of its compensation program for the land and rice field owners who were impacted by the Mine‚Äôs construction, Ambatovy has built … [more...]

Ambatovy Renews its ISO Certification.
Being already certified ISO 9001 : 2008, the Ambatovy Quality Management System has just renewed its certification under the new more rigorous version ISO9001 : 2015 … [more...]

Ambatovy Provided Emergency Aid after Cyclone Enawo
In agreement with the Government of Madagascar, through the Ministry of Finance and Budget, Ambatovy will allocate 600 million Ariary (USD 200,000) of its Social Investment Fund to help … [more...]

A New Driving Simulator to Train Operators
In order to better prepare operators to cope with any possible dangerous situations in the field in a safe way, and to help familiarize them with heavy and sophisticated equipment… [more...]

Vohitrambato is engaged in Noni cultivation
Villagers relocated by Ambatovy to Vohitrambato and who have agricultural plots of more than 800 ha will devote part of the land provided by the company for the cultivation of Noni… [more...]

Ambatovy offered 50 suction pumps to the Rural Municipality of Amboditandroroho
Ambatovy offered 50 complete sets of suction pumps with stainless steel heads and leathers for the Rural Municipality of Amboditandroroho in Toamasina II in December 2016. [more...]

Ambatovy supports the TAMAGA youth kiosk in the fight against HIV / AIDS in Toamasina.
Conducting awareness campaigns and supporting young peer educators who take charge of the “Friends of Youth” kiosks, are part of Ambatovy’s various actions to combat HIV/AIDS both within the workplace and its host communities. [more...]

Ambatovy rehabilitated a public washhouse in Anjoma.
As part of its actions to support sustainable development for its host communities, Ambatovy financed ‚Äď with up to more than Ariary 8 million – the rehabilitation of a public washhouse in Anjoma, Toamasina. [more...]

Ambatovy is pleased to announce the release of its 2015 Sustainability Report
This report covers Ambatovy’s sustainability performance for the period between January 1st and December 31st, 2015. [more...]

Ambatovy renovates several workshops at the Technical and Vocational High School of Toamasina
In order to contribute to the improvement of educational infrastructure and the quality of education in the Atsinanana Region, Ambatovy renovated the workshops for Carpentry, Metal Structure, Building & Public Works, General Mechanics and Auto Mechanics of the Technical and Vocational High School in Toamasina. [more...]

Ambatovy Celebrates One Year Without Lost Time Injury (LTI)
Ambatovy is pleased to mark one year without a Lost Time Injury (LTI) in its operations since September 28, 2015. This significant Health and Safety milestone is the result of constant efforts [more...]

A series of inaugurations undertaken by Ambatovy in the District of Moramanga
The construction of a school in Ambohitranivo, new office buildings for the Fokontany of Sakalava and Ampitambe, concrete culverts, bridges, hard crossing structures for a tourist circuit, as well as 15 clean drinking water posts, these are the infrastructure that received Ambatovy’s support during 2015. [more...]

Ambatovy delivered a civil protection unit to the atsinanana region
Ambatovy delivered a Civil Protection Unit to the Atsinanana Region on June 3, 2016.Located in Barikadimy, Toamasina, the Civil Protection Unit was set up in order to address various technological risks and natural disasters in the region. [more...]

Ambatovy Takes Care of Orchids, Madagascar’s Emblematic Plants
25% of orchid species, specifically 252 out of the 1,000 species identified in Madagascar, are found in the area where Ambatovy’s Mine is located.[more...]

Ambatovy Supports the Social and Economic Development of the Rural Municipality of Morarano
“During times of rain, when the water level is high on the side of Andongoza, in the Rural Municipality of Morarano Gare, instead of taking the dugout canoe and walking 22 kilometers to Moramanga, many people prefer to make a detour of 70 km” states Innocent Patrick Randrianjafy, merchant in the fokontany of Marofody, Rural Municipality of Morarano Gare, District of Moramanga. [more...]

Construction of the Moramanga Market: Ambatovy Celebrated 335,000 Man-Hour without Accident
A celebration was held on January 13, 2015 to mark a safety milestone of 335,000 man-hour without accident [more...]

Ambatovy renovates a respiratory care and emergency room at the pneumology department ‚Äď university hospital of Toamasina
Ambatovy has officially handed over a renewed respiratory care and emergency room[more...]

Signing of the Agreement between Ambatovy and Conservation International for the protection of the Ankerana forest massif
On Friday, September 25, 2015, Ambatovy and Conservation International signed an agreement[more...]

Signing of the agreement between Ambatovy and Asity for the protection of the new protected Area in Torotorofotsy
As part of the protection of the New Protected Area in Torotorofotsy, located in the District of Moramanga, a collaboration agreement was signed on September 18, 2015[more...]

A 2015 Green Star Award awarded to Ambatovy
The 2015 Green Star Award for the category of Prevention and Preparedness was awarded to Ambatovy – [more...]

Ambatovy partners with the toamasina cultural and social centre for wood recycling
In line with its commitment to sustainable development in the communities in which the company operates, Ambatovy launched a partnership with the Toamasina Cultural and Social Centre (CCS) for the recycling of waste timber on May 19, 2015. [more...]

Ambatovy Wins the Syncrude Award for Excellence in Sustainable Development
Ambatovy has won the 2015 Syncrude Award for Excellence in Sustainable Development for having successfully implemented a range of solutions for sustainable development in Madagascar [more...]

Banjina Volume N¬į10
Ambatovy is pleased to share the 10th edition of its external newsletter, Banjina, now available for download [more...]

Successful resumption of rice cultivation in rice paddies restored by Ambatovy
A long-awaited harvest. It was the way the farmers in the Fanovana neighborhood, Rural Municipality of Ambatovola, described the rice harvest carried out in December, and this, thanks to Ambatovy’s various support from which they benefited. [more...]

Ambatovy joins the VPSHR initiative
On December 1, 2014, Sherritt, Ambatovy’s operator, was admitted to the corporate pillar of the Voluntary Principles Initiative, thus joining many of the world’s leading oil, gas, and mining companies that promote the respect for human rights in the safeguard of their operations. [more...]

2014 Excellence in Corporate Responsibility (ECR) Award for Ambatovy Local Business Initiative (ALBI)
Ambatovy’s support program for local companies known as Ambatovy Local Business Initiative (ALBI) has won the 2014 Excellence in Corporate Responsibility (ECR) Award in the Social Enterprise Creation category. The ceremony took place at the annual Canadian Business for Social Responsibility Summit in Toronto [more...]

Ambatovy wins the Nedbank Capital Sustainability Business Award
Ambatovy is pleased to announce that it has won the 2014 Nedbank Capital Sustainable Business Award in the Resources and non-Renewable Energy category for its Biodiversity Management Program. The Nedbank Capital Sustainability Business Award is an acknowledgement dedicated to companies operating in Africa that demonstrates sustainable development and creates value for the [more...]

Banjina: The 9th edition of Ambatovy’s external newsletter
The newest edition of Ambatovy’s external newsletter, Banjina, is now available. This 9th installment features articles on Nickel, Madagascar’s Top Export, an update on the Social Investment Fund projects, as well as information on Ambatovy’s biodiversity and social programs. [more...]

Zeren’s Ammonia in Toamasina: Successfully eliminated!
Ambatovy would like to announce that the incineration operation of the ammonia stock abandoned on the site of the former stated owned company ZEREN in Toamasina was successfully conducted. The operation ended on October 25. [more...]

Stef’Auto’s women’s volleyball team from Toamasina, sponsored by Ambatovy, is the champion of Madagascar for the second year in a row, after a competition that it literally flew over. Madagascar’s championship final was held last Saturday, September 27th, at the Sports Palace of Mahamasina, [more...]

Inauguration of the Heritage Interpretation Center, Toamasina

The Heritage Interpretation Center built by Ambatovy in Toamasina was inaugurated on September 24, 2014, by Louis-Roland Gosselin, Ambatovy’s Vice President, -Sustainability and Vaonalaroy RANDRIANARISOA, Minister of Handicrafts, Culture and Heritage. [more...]

Ambatovy supports the protection of the environment through education and awareness of the population in Maroseranana

As part of its commitment to environmental protection, Ambatovy launched an awareness campaign in August 2014 among the population living around the Vohimana-Ankerana forest, in the Municipality of Maroseranana, [more...]

Beginning of chick distribution for the Harenasoa project, funded by Ambatovy’s Social Investment Fund.

To date, 4,000 chicks have been distributed to farmers in the communes of Ampasimadinika, Brickaville and Ambinaninony in the framework of the Harenasoa poultry project, funded by Ambatovy’s Social Investment Fund [more...]

Ambatovy’s 2013 Sustainability Report Now Available
Ambatovy is proud to announce the release of its 2013 Sustainability Report. This year’s report showcases the Company’s continuing commitment to health and safety, environmental protection, stakeholder engagement, [more...]

Ambatovy Hosts Symposium on Security and Human Rights
In June 2014, Ambatovy further strengthened its commitment to the promotion of the respect for Human Rights in Madagascar by hosting a symposium in Antananarivo for the diplomatic, [more...]

Inauguration of the new Bazary Be in Toamasina
On June 20, 2014, the new market of Bazary Be in Toamasina, completely renovated by Ambatovy, was inaugurated in the presence of the President of the Republic of Madagascar, Hery Rajaonarimampianina and the Vice president of sustainable development of Ambatovy, Louis Roland-Gosselin. This market is one of [more...]

Ambatovy Obtains ISO 9001-2008 Certification
Ambatovy is proud to announce it has received ISO 9001-2008 certification for the refining, analysis, and shipping of its export products. This milestone was marked by an official presentation of the certificate by the international certification body, AFNOR, [more...]

Ambatovy awarded by UNAIDS for its actions against HIV/AIDS
On April 17, 2014, Ambatovy received from the Executive Director of UNAIDS and Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Michel Sidib√©, who is visiting Madagascar, a ‚ÄúGood Practice Award‚ÄĚ – [more...]

Ambatovy Provides a Water Supply System to the Vohitrambato Village
As part of its corporate social responsibility and in accordance with the Social Development Plan of its relocation villages, Ambatovy officially handed over the key to a new water supply system constructed by the company, [more...]

Ambatovy Mine employees- 1,300 seedlings planted
As part of the 2014 reforestation campaign, Ambatovy’s Mine Environmental Department conducted a reforestation operation within the Mine lease area on February 18, 19, and 20. [more...]

Ambatovy presents its social commitments at the Malagasy Press Center
At the invitation of the Malagasy Press Center in Antsakaviro, Ambatovy presented its social commitments in favor of sustainable development in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on Thursday, March 13, 2014 in Antsakaviro, Antananarivo. [more...]

Ambatovy builds infrastructures for the community of Ampitambe
As part of its social commitment, Ambatovy provided support to the village of Ampitambe, located in the Suburban Municipality of Ambohibary, for the realization of its local development plan [more...]

Ambatovy 2012 Sustainability Report Now Available
Ambatovy has published its 2012 Sustainability Report. For the third year in a row, Ambatovy’s report follows the guidelines set out in the Global Reporting Initiative [more...]

Launching of the Harenasoa Poultry Project
As part of its social commitment, Ambatovy participates in the creation of a broiler breeding project, called Harenasoa, in its intervention areas. Harenasoa is the fruit of cooperation between Ambatovy, Agrivet from the SMTP Group [more...]