Ambatovy Mine employees- 1,300 seedlings planted

As part of the 2014 reforestation campaign, Ambatovy’s Mine Environmental Department conducted a reforestation operation within the Mine lease area on February 18, 19, and 20. This year, 224 employees from the Mine planted 1,280 seedlings of 12 different plant species in an area of 0.56 ha in Antanimietrikely. This action contributed to a reforestation operation aimed at reconnecting forest fragments in the Ambatovy Mine lease area. It was also an occasion to provide the employees with information on environmental management at the Mine.

Various activities were included in the reforestation operation. First of all, they carried out re-filling activities, which consisted of replacing dead plants, specifically those planted during the reforestation campaigns that have been in effect since 2011. But they also planted trees in new areas. A visit to the Orchidarium was also carried out as part of an awareness action on environmental management for employees and to inform them on the roles of orchids in the ecosystem. It was explained that the collecting of orchids is a good environmental practice conducted by Ambatovy.

On this occasion, the “classroom” at the nursery area, where reforestation operations are prepared, hosted a presentation on the mitigation measures taken by Ambatovy in the impacted areas and for the wildlife in the conservation areas around the Mine. The public could learn more about the names, characteristics, worth, and use of the different species of protected animals in the conservation areas. The reforestation days took place in accordance with reforestation practices as well as Health, Safety, and Environmental standards with zero incidents.