Ankerana Forest Massif: Neighboring communities receive environmental education and awareness

Posted on October 21, 2011

8,623 persons were targeted during the environmental awareness campaign organizedfrom September 15th to October 19th2011, by Ambatovy’s Environment Department in the Ankerana Forest Massif, an off-site conservation area of the Project.
The objective is to raise the local community’s consciousness and encourage them to undertake efficient actions to preserve the natural resources neighboring the forest and develop the villagers’ sense of environmental responsibility.
The populations of ten villages including those from the Fokontany of Anivoranokely, Ambatolampy, Ambodilendemy, Maroseranana and Bezono will be given a sense of responsibility regarding environmental challenges through information and awareness sessions, as well as, be encouragedto participate in several activities, such as singing competitions on the radio and film showings on the fight against deforestation and bush fires. The establishment of environmental education, information and awareness sessions involve the collaboration of several stakeholders such as the Regional Office of Environment and Forests, the Office of Environment and Forest in the District of Brickaville, Conservation International and local authorities.