Posted on October 21, 2011

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Safety at work: more than 10,000 people trained in 2010
In 2010, Ambatovy has trained 10,000 people as part of its Health and Safety protection policy (4,900 for Permit to Work, 4, 200 for Site Orientation, and 1,500 for Process Verification and Operations Testing Permit). In fact, 2010 was a key transitional year for the Ambatovy H&S training department as 35 training modules were identified, [more...]

Ambatovy Project assisting with forest connectivity initiative
A new protected area in the Forest Corridor of Analamay-Mantadia (NAP-CFAM) will soon be created. This protected area will ensure habitat connectivity between existing conservation areas in the region including forests around the mine managed by Ambatovy, the Ankeniheny Zahamena Forest Corridor (CFAZ), [more...]

Local communities benefit from Ambatovy’s permit fees
In November 2009, Ambatovy paid 322 million Ariary to the municipalities of Amboditandroho and Suburban Toamasina. This initial payment of construction permit fees for the Processing Plant in Toamasina was put towards building various community infrastructures. [more...]

Ambatovy employees become volunteer HIV / AIDS peer educators

Thirteen volunteer employees from Ambatovy’s Corporate Social Responsibility Department became HIV/AIDS peer educators in July. Since 2009, Ambatovy has increased its employee awareness sessions in line with its efforts to fight against HIV/AIDS. [more...]

Reforestation 2010 – 2011: Ambatovy donates 20,000 seedlings

Ambatovy is actively participating in Madagascar’s 2010–2011 reforestation campaign and has provided 20,000 seedlings to Atsinanana’s Regional Department of the Ministry of Environment and Forests. As part of this contribution, Ambatovy will also transport of some of these plants to a site in Brickaville where the reforestation campaign will be launched. [more...]

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