Corporate Structure and Executive Committee

Ambatovy is actually two companies – Ambatovy Minerals, S. A. (AMSA) and Dynatec Madagascar, S. A. (DMSA) – which, together, are responsible for day-to-day operations.

  • AMSA is the company that owns the mining permit, and operates the Mine Site and Pipeline;

  • DMSA is the company that operates the Plant Site and all activities related to it.

Both AMSA and DMSA are subject to the laws of Madagascar. Each has a board of directors.

In practice, AMSA and DMSA act in parallel and under the purview of Ambatovy’s Executive Committee, which consists of members from each of the shareholders:

The Executive Committee is responsible for overseeing the execution and direction of all Ambatovy activities. It is guided by a focus on sustainable value creation for all stakeholders. The Executive Committee meets at least once a quarter.

In addition to the Executive Committee, there are also five sub-committees: the Finance, Audit, Marketing, Technical, and Environment, Health & Safety, Security and Community committees.