Whistleblower System

Ambatovy is committed to high standards of ethical, moral and legal business conduct. The Whistleblowers Hotline and Policy allows for employees to raise concerns of unethical behavior and/or practices if they are not comfortable advising their supervisor or management. Complaints can be received from all Employees and Contractors as well as ex-Employees/Contractors.

Issues that can reported include (but are not limited to):

  • Discrimination or Harassment
  • Theft, Fraud and Corruption
  • Conflicts of Interest (contract management)
  • Gifts/Entertainment misuse
  • Code of Conduct violations
  • Deliberate policy and procedure breaches
  • Any unlawful (illegal) and unethical behavior

Whistleblower System

Ambatovy's new anonymous whistleblower system, EQS Integrity Line, is now in place to support our objective to fight against fraud, bribery and corruption in our company.

A toll free number (032 32 036 22) and a dedicated website managed by an independent company EQS Integrity Line are now available for all Ambatovy employees, contractors and other stakeholders to report issues or concerns relating to a number of areas; including but not limited to:

  • Corruption, theft and fraud;
  • Violations of laws and internal policies and procedures;
  • Tampering or falsification of documents;
  • Discrimination and harassment;
  • Conflicts of interest; and
  • Other unethical conducts.

The whistleblower system was designed to protect anonymity: every whistleblower can choose whether to give their identity or remain completely anonymous. All reports made through EQS integrity line are received by an independent team within Sumitomo Corporation Europe. Unless the employee chooses to give his/her name, the system does not enable Ambatovy to identify the employee who filed a report.